Trolling with CrankBaits

Trolling with Crankbaits can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what your doing.  Most people think that speed is the primary factor in making a crankbait dive different depths, but this is not true. While trolling speed is a factor in success, it does not factor into the depth that a crankbait dives! […]

Recommendations for salmon spinning reel

What makes a Good Salmon Spinning Reel Spinning reels are popular among casters due to their easy use and many different applications. When you are looking for freshwater salmon spinning reel for fishing, you will need to think about some of the things that separate salmon from other types of fish; in particular, their size (especially […]

Braid on Spinning Reel: Secrets Revealed

Braided fishing lines have become very popular during the past few years. They work well in certain fishing situations and are extremely strong. They do have some drawbacks that out weigh the benefits at times.  We will look at why braid on spinning reel setups are really advantageous. Braids are made by braiding or weaving fibers […]

5 Best Spinning Reel for the Money

So many new fishing reels hit the market each year that it’s almost impossible for an angler to keep track—and harder still to get an objective comparison of them all. So, we did it for you. We spent several long days spooling, casting, cranking, and ­torture-­testing every new spinning and casting reel we could get our mitts on—35 […]

Choosing the Right Rod | Best Bass Rods

Looking at the best bass rods on the market? The right fishing rod will make you a better angler. Many anglers are unaware that the fishing rod is one of the most important tools for catching and landing bass. How many times have you gone out and only landed half of the fish that bite? What about […]

The best mono fishing line for spinning reels

What is the best mono line for spinning reels? Modern monofilament lines offer choices of formulations for specific fishing situations. Ranging from single nylons to multi-polymers, different blends enhance durability, casting distance and sensitivity, and reduce stretch. However, the basic advantages of mono remain. It is easy to handle and safer than braid, key considerations when teaching youngsters […]